Windmill TroubleShooting

Windmill Wheel Rocks Back & Forth
Compressor making a metal on metal noise
little or no air to the air stone(s)
Entire Top (does not) turn easily into the wind
Large Bubbles Coming from the air stone
only 1 of 2 air stone are working
What about no wind, still days & nights? 
Large Bubbles Coming from the air stone
only 1 or 2 air stone are working


Wheel Rocks Back & Forth

The Only Reason a windmill would not turn or rocks back & forth are 

( 1 ) It is Not in a wide open windy area at least 200 feet from buildings and trees

( 2 ) The air stone or stones are TOO deep  Max depth is 16 feet for 1 stone or 8 feet using 2 air stones, 4 feet using 4 air stones, 1 foot using 16 air stones. 16 feet is the total depth divided by the number of stone diffusers.

( 3 ) There may be a KINK or obstruction in the air hose creating back pressure.

( 4 ) The Foot Valve on the Air Stone may have failed and is allowing water to enter the Air Hose.

Quick Tip: The windmill bellow is new and needs to loosen up. Try disconnecting the air hose from the compressor or the Y-Valve and allow it to free wheel a couple weeks.

Compressor making Metal on Metal Noise

A couple reasons your Windmill is making Noise could be:

( 1 )  Bolts that fasten the Wheel to the Crankshaft may have loosened and the wheel hub is turning freely on the crankshaft. If you have the new improved model with a keyway this should not be a problem.

( 2 )  Check the bearings inside the compressor for wear or needing grease.

Little of No Air to the Air Stone

( 1 )  Check the air hose especially where the shore meets the water for leaks that may be caused by lawn mower, weed eaters, muskrats or beavers.

( 2 ) Inspect the Double Check Valve to be sure the spring in the valve is not stuck in the open position. Also check Foot Valves on the air stone/s to be sure they are functioning properly. Blow out system with a portable air compressor with about 20 psi pressure.

( 3 ) Check air hose for kinks or clogs. If anyone has been fishing and snagged the hose it could cause a kink especially if you are using the more ridged floating air hose with brick tied as weights.

( 4 ) Be sure to use 1/2 inch ID hose if using only 1 air stone. If using 2 air stones, you can use a Y-Valve and 2 – 3/8-inch ID hoses and foot valves. The 2 – 3/8 will equal 3/4 so there will be NO restriction or back pressure on the Bellow Compressor.

( 5 )  Check the Bellow for leaks using warm soapy water.

Entire Windmill Head (Does NOT) Turn into the Wind

( 1 ) Make sure the Tower is Level by leveling the C Channels on all 4 Sides.

( 2 ) Make sure the Air Hose is not TOO tight on the brass barb of the Double Check Valve.

( 3 ) There is a 5 inch Washer between the Tower Top Starter and the Bottom of the Compressor box. A coating of grease should have been applied at the time of Installation. Lubricate with any All-Purpose Grease.

Large Bubbles Coming from the Air Stone

( 1 )  Check the Air Stone bottom Plate. It may be separating. It can be resealed with 100 % Silicone.

( 2 )  Check for Fish Hook, Muskrat or Beaver damage of the air hose.

Only 1 of 2 Air Stones are Working.

( 1 )  If you can place both Air stones at the same depth 8 feet deep or less they should both work equal.

( 2 ) If one stone is shallower it will steal the air. To adjust the air start with both valves wide open. Slowly close the valve that is stealing the air until the non-working stone begins to operate. Adjust till both are working equal.

What about No Wind, Still Days & Nights?

( 1 ) We now have a Dual Wind / Electric / Solar Valve available so you can have the Best of Both Worlds and can supply all the air stones with a backup HP Electric Pump or Solar Electric pump so you can supply aeration 24/7..