The NEW! ( GEN-2 ) Model Windmill

Only Available Here! – The World’s first & only 3-in-1 Pond Aeration Windmill Compressor Housing (Patent Pending). A revolutionary design that allows you to purchase one windmill & converted or modified it into 3 different windmills, either a Decorative, a Single Bellow or a Double Bellow Compressor Windmill…..The Choice is Yours!




Oxygen is one of the main elements of water. 

The more oxygen in the water the better the quality, that’s why American Eagle designed their windmills with a Bellow-Style compressor (not a diaphragm). Not only does a bellow have a much longer life expectancy than a diaphragm but they also produce up to 3 & 1/2 times MORE! – CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air volume than a diaphragm compressor.  

(5) sizes to choose from: The size you need is determined by your surrounding area. If you’re able to place the windmill in a wide-open winding area (Ideally a 200ft Radius) around it with no wind obstructions such as building or trees, than a smaller height windmill will work just as good as a taller height windmill but if you have wind obstructions around you may want to consider a taller height windmill. 

don’t KNow your Ponds Size? 


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