Why Diaphragm Windmills Cost Less!

The pioneer & leading manufacture of diaphragm windmills advertises a MAX output of (1.5 CFM) from their single diaphragm compressor.


you’d have to purchase (4) of the best diaphragm windmills on the market to equal the same air output as (1) American Eagle Single Bellow Compressor windmill.

Electric Fountain Aerators 

Fountain aerators look great, but they only aerate the top surface of your ponds water. Aerating only the top water, ultimately has little or no effect on your ponds water quality or fish health. The low oxygen and stagnate water in your pond, is near the bottom.  If you’re serious about combating algae, improving your ponds water quality and fish health, fountain aerators are a bad choice. 

Fountain Aerators: They are expensive to buy, expensive to run, they do not work in cold icy ponds when aeration is needed the most plus running high voltage power lines into the water is not what we’d call safe. The cost alone in electricity to operate a fountain for 22 months will pay for an American Eagle Windmill.

Chemicals for pond Pond care

Chemicals are just a temporary fix, once the algae & aquatic weeds die from the chemical treatment, they sink to the bottom of your pond and start to rot & decay, this decomposition process creates & releases HUGE amounts of nitrogen back into your ponds water, exactly what you don’t want. Aquatic weeds & algae thrive on this newly added nitrogen in ponds water, this only causes larger & stronger blooms of aquatic weeds & algae to grow in your pond in the following years.

Chemicals: They are a never-ending expense; they foul & contaminate your ponds water, harmful to fish and despite what the salesman may say, they are not good for the Environment & once they again, it’s just a temporary fix.  

Solar Powered Aerators.

We liked the idea of solar-powered aerators & we wanted to add them to our product line. That was until we actually field tested a few models. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed to say the least. We found that unless you have a large expensive battery bank, you’re not going to get any aeration after dusk & it won’t be until mid-afternoon the next day until your battery recharges enough to start your aerator again and that’s if it’s sunny out.

Solar Aerator Systems are expensive to buy, the actual operating time is minimal and the constant charging & discharging of the batteries will have you running to the battery store every 6 months to a year to purchase new replacements batteries.