Q. Do I need a Freeze Control Unit ?

A. No ! unlike Diaphragm Compressors that make short 1/2 inch rapid strokes causing condensation that will freeze below 32 degrees, an American Eagle Bellows huge 1 & 3/4 inch stroke will NOT produce condensation therefore NO FREEZE CONTROL NECESSARY.

Q. How do I order & how long will it take for me to receive my American Eagle Windmill?

A. You can order easily online on our web site Order Online Page using any major credit card. All orders before NOON weekdays ship UPS the same day.

Q. What material is the American Eagle made?

A. The Tower and Blades are of heavy 14 gauge galvanized metal and have withstood winds in excess of 84 mph, the Wheel Hub is heavy duty Powder Coated Steel. The Tower Top & Compressor are of heavy duty Powder Coated Steel for long life and beauty. The Crankshaft is 1"

Q. How many Air Stone Diffusers will I need?

A. For a small round or oval pond 1/2 acre 16' deep or less 1 stone at about 8 feet deep should be enough. For ponds larger or irregular shape 2 stones may be needed. Keep in mind by adding more stones does not produce more volume of air it only splits the amount of air from the compressor by the number of stones used.  

An American Eagle Single or Double Compressor can supply 1 Air Stone Diffuser at 16 feet of depth or 2 Air Stone Diffusers at 8 feet of depth or 4 Air Stone Diffusers at 4 feet of depth or 16 Air Stone Diffusers at 1 foot of depth.

The rule of thumb is to NOT exceed 16 feet of depth. Keep in mind it is recommended that Air Stone Diffusers be set at about 1/2 the depth of the deepest area of the pond.

Example: if your pond is 12 feet deep set 2 Air Stone Diffusers at about 6 feet of depth each. Our Bellow Compressor is a HIGH VOLUME / LOW PRESSURE compressor that produces 3 & 1/2 times more Volume of air than a Diaphragm compressor. Our Single Bellow Compressor puts out more air CFM than any Double Diaphragm Compressor

Q. How long will it take to Assemble & Install my windmill?

Q. Does a Bellow Pump Intermittently?

A. All Diaphragm & Bellows pump Intermittently. Most diaphragms only take a 1/2" stroke or less so the pulsation is not noticeable. The American Eagle Bellows makes a huge 1 & 3/4 inch stroke so the 3 & 1/2 times more volume of air is more noticeable. The Intermittent Pulsation not only provides more Volume of Air it also is much more efficient in Circulating the Water. The Bellow is the most effective way to draw the bottom water to the Diffuser, Rejuvenating it with Fresh Smelling Air and with the aid of the Intermittent Pulsation it Aerates & Circulates the entire pond from Bottom to Top.

A. It takes an average of 4 to 6 hours for 2 people to Assemble, then you will need 6 strong people for about 5 minutes to stand the windmill up as it weighs from 261 to 462 pounds depending if you purchase the 13 * 18 * 23 * 28 * 33 foot model. Each American Eagle Windmill purchased from Joe Mescan Windmill LLC will include our Exclusive Assembly & Installation DVD to assure easy and proper Assembly & Installation. You can see a FREE Sample of our Assembly DVD on our Home Page.

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