Q. How does the American Eagle Compare to other Brands?.

A. See why 100% of our customers prefer the American Eagle over other brands. American Eagle Windmill is the Highest Rated Pond Aeration Windmill in the World. Click on the picture below (Turn On Volume)

Q. How do I know what size windmill I need to order?

A. An American Eagle Windmill will aerate ponds up to 2 acres with our Single Compressor and up to 4 acres with our Double Compressor. The 13, 18, 23, 28 & 33 foot American Eagle are identical except for the Tower Height. The 28 & 33 foot have a larger 6 feet 6 inch Wheel. If you can erect the windmill in a wide open windy area at least 200 feet from any buildings, trees or other wind obstructions the 18 foot windmill is all you need. If you have wind obstructions closer you will want to purchase the 28 or 33 foot American Eagle with the 6’ 6’’ Wheel. If you are too close to wind obstructions a windmill will not work efficiently enough and we would recommend you purchase our HP Electric Pond Aeration Pumps also found on our Order Online Page. If you have any doubt as to whether or not a windmill will work at your location, please e-mail us photos of your pond & site along with the address of the pond so we can Google Earth for a better look. Please email to joem@pondaeration.com and we'll do our best to evaluate which system would work best.

Q. What is the size of the Wheel & Tower?

A. American Eagle offers 5 different sizes ( 13 * 18 * 23 * 28 * 33 foot ) The 13 * 18 * 23 foot have a 6 foot Wheel that turns counter clockwise, made to look like the old fashion water pumping windmills. The 28 & 33 foot has a 6 feet 6 inch Wheel. Over all heights from the top of the wheel tip to the ground of are 13 * 18 * 23 * 28 & 33 feet. All have wide stance 4 legged towers for more stability than the 3 legged towers we sold in the past. The 13 has a 3 foot Base * 18 has a 4 foot Base * 23 has a 5 foot 2 inch Base * 28 has a 6 foot 3 inch Base * 33 has a 7 foot 4 inch Base.They are Heavy Duty and Weigh about twice as much as any competitor. The weights respectively are 261 # * 301 # * 347 # * 404 # * 462.

Q. How far can the windmill be from the pond?

A. The closer the better but The American Eagle Windmill can pump as far as 1,000 feet before you will notice any loss of CFM.

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