5-4-3-2-1  Warranty  
1.   5 YEAR Manufacturers Warranty on the Bellow & Joe Mescan’s Custom
      made High Quality floating & sinking UV Air Hose.

2.   4 Year Warranty on Foot Valves

3.   3 Years on the Compressor Double Check Valve

4.   2 Years on the Compressor, Crankshaft, Bearings, Tower,
      Wheel, Tail & Blades.

5.   1 Year Joe Mescan Warranty on the Air Stone Diffuser, Assembly, Installation, Promotional
     & Compare DVD Video.

6.   Exclusive Assemble & Installation DVD developed to assure your windmill is assembled
     & Installed properly.

7.   Immediate Shipment or Pick Up from our Ohio Headquarters.

8.   High Quality Poly Ultraviolet Light Resistant hose 150 PSI * 2,000 lbs Tensile Strength

9.  Technical Support via Phone, Fax, DVD, Email & web site

10. DELUXE referral program. Free Solupak of True Blue Pond Dye or ($25.00) off any products
      On our website. Contact us BEFORE they purchase from Joe Mescan Windmill.

11.  Joe Mescan Windmill is the only Full Line Parts Department in the United States for
       American Eagle Windmills.

12. Vandal & Storm Protection Insurance Information INCLUDED in our Exclusive
       Assembly Video.

13.  Veterans of Foreign War receive a $ 10.00 Discount.
       Welcome Home, Airborne ALL THE WAY !

14.  Some Major Parts are UHMW ( Ultra High Molecular Weight) Self Lubricating, Ultraviolet
      Light and Wear Resistant
We are the American Eagles Authorized Distributor In The USA

( 440 ) 236 - 3278
27120 Capel Road, Columbia Station OH 44028

This Deluxe Package is only available to American Eagle Customers Purchasing
Direct from Joe Mescan Windmill LLC.   
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