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Don’t Get Fooled by ( Commission Based )  Ratings & Review Articles
(Commission Based) Reviews/Rating articles are articles are written by an author who has likely
never even seen nor touched a Pond Aeration Windmill, their articles are NOT written to inform you
or to give you a fair & honest review of the products quality or performance.
They are written for the Commission/Referral money that certain companies will pay .
….whichever company
offers the LARGEST % of commission for a referral
that companies product tends to get the #1 rating in their article
see how it works?
Dead Giveaway - Any article that has links to Amazon or Other websites to purchase the product
the author just reviewed or rated Beware! : You’re probably reading a
(commission based) rating or review article

Mescan Windmills LLC  - Has been selling Pond Aeration Windmills for over 30 Years
We were the #1 seller in the World for Diaphragm compressor for over 13 year !
Fact is: Bellow compressors produce more CFM & have a 10-15 year Life Expectancy
Diaphragms produce less CFM & only have a 4 year expectance before a replacement is needed.
….Any article or review that rates a
Diaphragm compressor above a Bellow compressor is either a commission based
Article or written by an Author that has NO CLUE what they are talking about.
Mescan Windmills LLC  - Refuses to participate in paying commissions for FALSE ratings.
Our American Eagle Windmill Product speaks for itself.
Remember: If you see Amazon & Website links to Products in a Rating or Review
Article Beware…You’re likely Reading a Review that is written for
(Commission) reasons.. NOT to inform you.
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